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Emirati-United Arab Emirates

I am an Emirati from United Arab Emirates who has been suffering from the pigment of the skin under both eyes being discolored with light brown cafe au lait blotches for over four years. I tried many bleaching creams but they never worked. I went to Dr. Nitivadee’s office in Pattaya, Thailand and had laser skin discoloration removal treatment as an outpatient. The entire process was totally painless and took less than half an hour. She was very helpful in providing me with informative examples and photographs of before and after pictures of other people who had the same problem. She also provided me with all the medication and skin treatment creams I needed for total recovery right in her office. Within three days the skin under my eyes was totally lighter and looked much better. For the next few weeks I followed her regimen and so far the process has really changed my life. I feel more confident in my appearance and feel this type of treatment could be very beneficial for many people who also suffer from these kinds of skin problems

November, 2011