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La Nitivadee Dermatology & Aesthetic Laser Center, Pattaya


       After twenty-five years of extensive practice and experience, Dr. Nitivadee Teeyapan-Songdej has become an expert in the field of Dermatology and Aesthetic laser surgery treatment. After years of practicing at various locations, she has independently branched out and established La Nitivadee Dermatology & Aesthetic laser surgery center in 2007.

The unique center offers customers various skin treatments, from diseases to aesthetic procedures. Equipped with the latest laser technology and innovation, La Nitivadee offers a wide variety of ways to help customers treat and rejuvenate their skin for a healthy and younger looking skin overall. The equipment is professional, safe and effective, and meets the guidelines of the U.S.A Food and Drug Administration.

Unlike other centers, La Nitivadee focuses on the individual's special needs. The center understands and recognizes that each customer's complexion is different, thus there are no general formulas to treat skin. Rather, each customer follows the program tailored  to his or her specific needs and desires. The customized program utilizes a unique analysis of the customer's skin in order to help optimize, as well as, maintain, the health and beauty of their skin.

Besides the professionalism of the center, it is located in a relaxing atmosphere, over looking the famous Pattaya Bay. With the interior decorated resort and spa style, the customers are sure to feel relaxed and comfortable while taken care of at La Nitivadee Dermatology & Aesthetic Laser Surgery Center.




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Dr. Nitivadee Teeyapan-Songdej is a Board Certified Specialist in Dermatology and Aesthetic Laser Surgery. She has practiced in the U.S.A for 15 years and has received training in over five countries.

Aesthetic Laser Treatmenticon

La Nitivadee is a one stop centre for aesthetic technology which are all approved by United States FDA. The technologies range from facial rejuvenation, tattoo removal, vascular treatment, hair removal, facial resurfacing, stretch marks diminishing, fat reduction and body reshaping, and more.

Dermatology/ Skin Clinic

La Nitivadee Dermatology Clinic provides our customers with an in-depth diagnosis that includes laboratory tests, histopathology, and proper medication to treat skin, nail, and hair diseases.

Brian Leonard- Sydney, Australiaicon

I have seen Dr. Nitivadee some 19 times over these past 4 years. My rosacea is now in  check and being the age that I am, I have had other treatments without surgery, like Skin Tightening / Contouring (Thermage) plus Botox. 


Carmen Vidal Keller- Spainicon


I was very impressed at the level of professionalism exhibited by you and all the staff as well as the excellent standard of sophisticated equipment and the quality of your natural products. Laser hair treatment is brilliant, does not hurt like electrolyses and within few sessions the hair disappeared forever. The best decision I ever made.

Besides, I always felt totally confident as the treatments are performed by Dr. Nitivadee herself. She is a Board Certified Specialist in Dermatology and Aesthetic Laser Surgery with many years of practice in U.S.A. and different countries.


Jason McCollough- U.S.Aicon

I wanted to take the time to give my highest recommendation for Dr. Nitivadee. During the process of having 2 large Tattoos removed she has shown the highest regard for safety and efficiency.