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Stephanie Lee- Los Angeles, U.S.A.



La Nitivadee is a professional, welcoming, and safe dermatological clinic that has treatments that ranges from skin ailments to aesthetic procedures.  As a tourist, traveling can be uncertain from the food we eat to the souvenirs we buy, but I can assure you that Dr. Nitivadee and her staff are well equipped with the most modern machinery.  In addition, the clinic and the tools they use are thoroughly sanitized, which is comforting to know, whether you are a patient or a customer, you are well taken care of.

I came to Dr. Nitivadee’s clinic with a couple of girl friends looking for a clean and safe place to get facials while on our vacation here in Pattaya, Thailand.  Ever since I was an adolescent, the pores on my face have become noticeably big.  No matter how many pore minimizing products I have tried they never seemed to disappear.  If anything, those products made my pores bigger. 

Upon assessment of my skin of what facial would be the most beneficial for my face, Dr. Nitivadee noticed my pores and immediately knew what procedures I needed.  Dr. Nitivadee told me my large pores are actually a type of acne and it is possible to tighten my pores by facials and laser therapy.  Due to time constraint I was only able to have a facial.  My facial consisted of three steps:  cleansing with steam and ozone, extraction, and acne clay mask. 

Living in Los Angeles, California my whole life my skin has endured much debris from the air. After the facial my skin felt like all the layers of dirt that accumulated over the years were removed.   My skin looked tighter and younger, and my pores were noticeably smaller.  I was very satisfied after my facial.  Since I was unable to get the laser therapy for my pores, Dr. Nitivadee had facial products that could help maintain and prolong the time before dirt and debris would once again enter my pores.

I had a great experience at La Nitivadee.  I would definitely come back to La Nitivadee the next time I come to Pattaya.  For those of us who are on a budget when on vacation, do not worry because the prices at La Nitivadee are very reasonable.

 Stephanie Lee

 23 years old

 Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.